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Hotel Pacha Mama


Pompeii Ruins

Just 8 km from Pacha Mama (15 minutes by car) there are the famous archaeological excavations of Pompeii, where you can enjoy a unique excursion into history.

During the eruption of the Vesuvius in 79 A.D, Pompeii was hit by a gigantic cloud of poisonous gases, ash, lapilli and incandescent stones that were deposited on the city, burying it seven metres deep. Some of the inhabitants, realising the unusual scale of the catastrophe, tried to escape to the sea.

Pompeii unveils its timeless charm and the archaeological area covers over sixty hectares of ruins. At the entrance of the ancient city you can find the ruins of inns and taverns, and in the urban centre there are shops of every type: bakeries, laundries, greengroceries, pastries, shoemaker’s and blacksmith’s, some of them are still decorated with painted signs. Moreover, you can find private villas, little chapels, altars, thermal baths and imposing public buildings. These are divided in three different centres: the Civil Forum with the temple of Jupiter, the Basilica, the covered market, the building of Eumachia; the Triangular Forum and the theatre district, with the ancient Doric temple and the temple of lsis, the gymnasium, the large and small theatres and finally the area of the Amphitheatre.